About the Partnership

Why Us

Physicians Healthcare Real Estate “PHR”, formed by Leon Capital Group, presents a national healthcare investment vehicle, enabling the unlocking of liquidity and retention of passive income on a tax-advantaged basis within a diversified real estate portfolio.

PHR’s Strategic Positioning

Leveraging the current favorable trends in the US healthcare sector, PHR is building a best in class and highly diversified portfolio of healthcare service real estate assets

Expertise in Healthcare

Managing a diverse healthcare portfolio across the nation with a wide network of physicians in various specializations provides PHR a unique competitive advantage in the marketplace

Win-Win Solution for Existing Healthcare Property Owners

Unlocking immediate liquidity while providing the option for tax-deferred equity reinvestment allowing the retention of passive income and the elimination of the complexities of direct asset ownership

Seasoned Sponsor

Leon Capital Group is an Owner Operator that can develop, manage and extract maximum value from real estate by disintermediating the investment process and optimizing for risk and capital growth. Since its inception, Leon Capital Group has invested $1.2 billion of equity across almost $6 billion of real estate in over 450 individual investments.

Compelling Investment Platform

Offering an attractive investment opportunity, enabling sellers to capitalize on the value of their properties and simultaneously diversify their investments into healthcare real estate nationwide

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